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My intuition is one of my superpowers. I cultivate it intentionally and utilize it in everything I do. Not only do I paint intuitively (I don't often have a plan, I just go wherever the painting takes me), I also use my intuition to create custom pieces of art for my clients. I call these Intuitive Portraits.

Intuitive Portraits

My clients commission me to create custom pieces to commemorate milestone events or to capture the essence of who/ where they are at the moment. 

I work with my clients to discuss their end results for the work and review a desired color palette. Then I start painting.

Intuitive Garden

A Unique Experience

Throughout the process I intuitively tap into my client. Once a direction or image emerges, I review it with my client to ensure it resonates with their end result. 

These paintings often take twists turns and mimic the journey of their sponsor.


I love connecting with my clients in this way to create a truly unique experience for them in addition to a unique piece of art. If you would like to discuss a commission, please contact me below.

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