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From my Students

At 83 yrs of age I thought it was too late for me to try to be artistic and create a painting having not painted before. However Tracy transcended us to a playful, peaceful, and safe place where through trying different techniques she walked us through, we were able to envision and create a painting to be proud of. Thank you Tracy for helping me discover something new in me. You have a gift.



When my mom recently came to town I wanted to do something with her that was really meaningful. Tracy's class was perfect. I have not done any art for years but because she took us through the steps for painting with patterns and layers, it was easy to simply allow anything to happen. Not only was it calming and fun, my mom and I experienced a beautiful time together that we will always remember. Thanks Tracy!


San Antonio, TX

 Tracy’s instruction on painting techniques before we started the main art piece was simple, and fun. Her use of guided imagery to help me find a Memory of Joy helped me reach a place from 17 years ago, a special Mother-Daughter-Sister trip we took to Cabo San Lucas. The painting that resulted I hope will bring my mother, sister and I back to that place of pure joy, as it reminded me of the love and laughter we shared there together. I had been trying to find a way to talk to my sister and this painting is the perfect way I feel to show her how much I miss the joy of all 3 of us being so close again. I have Tracy to thank for that. 


San Antonio, TX

Painting from Joy is a fun, engaging and soul searching workshop that helps you create a record of a moment in your life on canvas.  Don’t think you can do it?  Don’t let it stop you! The process Tracy takes you through taps into the inner part of you that says “anything is possible”.  It certainly has for me. Looking at my ‘moments’ on canvas bring a smile to my face and reminds me that…yes, anything is possible. Through her workshop and learning basic techniques of mixed media, I’ve been able to improve on my joy of woodart. I highly recommend her workshops.


San Antonio, TX

I used to draw a lot in middle school, high school and later in in my 20’s. However, I just stopped one day and hadn’t picked up a pencil or sketch pad in 20+ years. Having never really “painted” (I was a sketcher), I wasn’t sure what to expect. What happened next was nothing short of amazing! In my first class, I created 2 paintings and they turned out way beyond anything I ever expected.


I posted pictures of them on social media and had a lot of great responses as well as a few comments about buying them or that people would gladly hang them on their walls (!). I felt like I channeled some famous artist or something…there was an incredible energy that I tapped into. In fact, I’d have to say that the whole experience was actually far more than just some run-of-the-mill painting class. There are tons of those out there.


I’d describe Tracy’s class as more of a spiritual experience that involves painting. She does something I’ve never heard of before. She uses special meditative and focusing techniques at the beginning and throughout the class to help you release stress, tension and distractions to get into a creative “flow” where that creative part of us can emerge and manifest a piece of artwork. At the beginning and periodically as we go along, she’ll present different mediums, tools and materials and talks about different ways to use them and shows examples of techniques for each. What I really liked was that she doesn’t try to direct or force you towards any particular expression or interfere with your own vision; she just provides encouragement and a gentle presentation of options or guidance if you ask for it. At no time did I feel pressured or rushed or irritated. The experience was actually very relaxing and energizing, and I felt really good about myself afterwards.


Every time I look at my paintings, I feel a connection to part of me that I feared was a lost and forgotten for far too long to ever come back. I then realize that that part of me is alive and ready to be a joyful part of my life again at any time. It gives me confidence and has spawned some other creative rebirths in other areas of life that I am passionate about. For example, I was inspired to express my life-long passion for high-fidelity music reproduction in the mobile environment by competing in my first-ever IASCA (International Auto Sound Competition Association) SQC -Sound Quality Competition event. I am excited to have made these workshops a part of my lifestyle now. I very highly recommend them to anyone who feels like they want some help to flex their dormant or never used creativity muscles or anyone that feels like they might have might have a budding Picasso inside them just dying to get out!


San Antonio, TX

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