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Welcome! I am an Artist, Teacher, Consultant, and Creative Coach.


As an art instructor, my mission is to connect you to your highest self through art - to bring out your budding inner artist.


Here you can explore and purchase my original works of art, learn more about my Your Budding Artist workshops, and connect with me. Consider subscribing below to be notified of new work, workshops, and events. Happy creating!  

Artist Statement

My mission is to inspire joy in the world. One of my favorite means to do that is with art, in creating it as well as creating experiences where others can express themselves creatively. I am a painter, art instructor, and life coach. I am inspired by nature. I love to explore the outdoors and take in its glorious colors, shapes, and textures. I have a strong affinity for trees and flowers. They find their way into just about everything I do. 


I love to paint in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and encaustic. Regardless of the media, I strive to explore luminosity, color, and especially texture, in every piece I create. I am drawn to organic shapes and the unexpected nature of fluid flowing media. I paint intuitively, setting an intention and allowing the painting to speak to me as it comes into being. I enjoy the unexpected textures that result.

My work leans toward the abstract as I explore capturing the beauty in everyday things.  In doing so, I hope that I inspire others to notice and take in the beauty around them each day. I embed intuitive premises in all of my workshops with a goal to help each person that attends tap into their own budding artist and see art as an accessible way to express themselves and create joy in their lives and the world.



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Reconnect with your budding artist, create something beautiful, and have fun! 

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